Sony Max TV App


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The Sony Max TV is backed by the Sony picture television. It is one of the most leading networks that access by number of people to seeing the picture, events and other sport. These apps deliver with largest of events and other interesting movies at all time. It special for it better innovation and content so you can find such file  from  9 apps store which is third part store to collect list 0f entertainment tool at free of cost.


  • It is applicable to enjoy additional fun to make use over the mobile and other devices 
  • It has huge libraries of the both old and fresh blockbuster to collect 
  • It is acclaimed and  well distinguished in the part of the market areas 
  • This apps reached over more than 100 million of people in all part of India
  • It makes great change to watch cricket and other sport at all time.
  • It is applicable to save with no fee
  • This platform is quite easy to save with single click
  • It designed with the natural code which let to run over device without meeting any risk of it.
  • It is consider as one of the most entertainment tool 
  • It built with the small size of 4.1M size
  • This tool want android version of 2.3 or later to run with no risk.
  • It is often  updated with new version to increase user experience 


 If you come to make use of the new version Sony Max TV app over the device that always let to get better experience at all time.

  • Latest version is 2.0.0 

 Hope user can run over the mobile and see major events and other programs without spending single amount of money.